Agenda for July 9 Meeting

House in the Woods Club Meeting & Community Forum
Sherwood Hall Library

July 9, 2006, 3 to 5 p.m.


I. Synopsis of last meeting

II. Status of the special meeting.

III. Follow up on ideas that emerged from our last meeting. Need volunteers to coordinate efforts:

– Resource Committee. Locate manufacturers who can fabricate replacements for specialty HH items such as: low-profile casement windows, smooth T-111 siding, and odd-sized doors and door frames. This would allow the DRC to require that windows, siding and other features be replaced in-kind without creating undue hardship for homeowners.

– Preparation of Greeters Packets. As discussed, this would include materials that greeters can provide to new HH residents that would provide information about the HH aesthetic, increase awareness of the covenants and the DRC process, and encourage new owners to go to the DRC early when planning an alteration to their home.

– Creating a HITWC Knowledgebase. This would involve colleting and disseminating information about resources available to HH residents. This might include everything from where to buy appropriate furniture and fabrics the proper construction of a HH roof. Could also be a column in the Bulletin or on the website.

– Developing and maintaining a HITWC Website. Maybe use the site already started:

– Speakers and Special Events Committee. Hold events throughout the year.

IV. Running up costs. Need a treasurer and small contributions.

V. Community Forum: discussion of design review issues affecting Hollin Hills with members of the Special Design Review Committee, including its chair, Chris McNamara.

VI. Date and topic for next meeting.


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