June DRC Agenda

Below is the agenda for the June 2006 Design Review Committee meeting. It was never posted on the Hollin Hills website (hollinhills.org). Minutes of the meeting have not yet been made available.
Hollin Hills Design Review Committee
Civic Association of Hollin Hills

CAHH Liaison: Pam Koger-Jesup Andrew Cheng Judah Ginsberg
Ray Goodrow Suzanne McLees Matthew Robinson

Home of And Pam Koger-Jesup [the meeting was moved to the Hollin Meadows school library] Wednesday, June 7, 2006
7:30 p.m.

HH DRC – June 2006 Agenda

8:00 Christoff-Aramaki Residence, 7416 Range Road – Addition

8:30 Terry and Bruce Heide, 2403 Nordok Place – Revised Renovation

9:00 Alex Safos, 2321 Nordok Place – Pre-Fab Shed,

9:30 Alan Silverstein, 7718 Elba Road, Fence

10:00 Josh Remington, 2106 Popkins Lane, Windows

Other Issues:

• Felicity and Bob Blandford, 1809 Paul Spring Road – Fence

• Andrew Cheng, Windows (Administrative Review)

• Report from Ray on Special DRC Meeting plus possible additional discussion on community concerns

• Status review of previous projects

• Next meeting location and date


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