Report on July DRC Meeting

Following is the House in the Woods Club’s report on the Design Review Committee meeting of July 11, 2006.

English-Stonehouse residence, 7408 Recard Lane. Shed and landscaping.  Mr. English presented a one-page computer sketch of an idea for augmenting his  front yard.  The plan calls for creating a new parking area, erecting two walls to block the view of cars from the house, constructing a shed next to one of the walls, and landscaping.  The Committee decided that Mr. English should go to the County to find out about the restrictions on the height of walls and the placement of shed in the front yard.

Wickham residence, 7406 Recard Lane.  Carport.  The Wickhams submitted the
final construction plans for their carport.  The Committee approved the plans.

Volkman residence, 2400 Daphne Lane. Shed.  Contractor Robert Fina appeared on behalf of the Volkmans.  Mr. Fina submitted drawings for a shed to replace one that is in bad repair.  The new shed would be slightly smaller than the original and would be of similar design.  The DRC approved the plans.

Issues discussed without owners present:

Blandford residence, 1809 Paul Spring Road.  Fence.  No plans were presented but
some ideas for changes to a previous submission were discussed.

Silverstein residence, 7718 Elba Road. Fence.  The Committee discussed whether a backyard can be fenced.

The Committee briefly discussed the status of various project that are currently pending. No addresses were mentioned so it is not possible to provide details of those discussions.


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