Report on the November DRC Meeting

Design Review Committee Meeting

November 1, 2006
By Lee Ann Kinzer and Linda Hesh

Ray Goodrow absent; all other members present

Levy/Collins residence, 1816 Drury Lane, new construction — final submission of plans.
Decks and patios: Architect reported that intent is to have all decks and patios on grade, with no rails. If rails are needed, they will be cable. Committee approved with no rails. Asked applicant to return if rails are required.
Siding — Hardiboard that is vertically grooved to look like 8-inch-wide plank.
Windows—Anderson vinyl-clad (as opposed to aluminum-clad); Pella windows are second choice.
Chimney — Committee noted that chimney extension drawing is incomplete. The brick will be matched to existing brick with a mortar crown.
Treatment below siding — Concrete block to be left exposed or painted.
Wood panels below windows — Committee questioned whether this would/should be done. Siding will stay as drawn and panels below windows will be painted to match siding.
Trim at second floor and corners — Discussion of overlap, shadow, and bulky-looking corners. Note taken of some differences from typical Hollin Hills trim.
Window heights — Due to slope, headers and different room use, window heights are drawn as 7’4”, 7’6”, 8’, and more than 8’. Architect and petitioner agreed to consider making changes to window design.
Action — Plans approved with discussed changes. Neighbor concerns with grading and drainage as well as concerns of a downhill neighbor have been addressed. Permit will be issued to start construction.

Gibber residence, 7221 Beechwood Road construction — Window drawing had been circulated.
Action— Committee approved.

Kuester residence, 7419 Rebecca Drive, patio — Replacement of back deck, to be enlarged from 800 to 838 square feet. Timber wall (base surrounding rear deck) to be concrete block, clad with fieldstone.
Action — Approved, pending neighbor notification.

2214 Martha’s Road, project — Committee Chairman Judd Ginsberg gave administrative okay to replace an air conditioning unit that was punched through the wall with a window the same size as the air conditioner.

Treehouse at Martha’s and Martha’s — Committee revisited a problem it had previously discussed. Treehouse is complete; Committee’s response to homeowner’s question regarding the need for approval was possibly slow. The committee has received no neighbor complaints. Owner was to have been asked to the November meeting but wasn’t. Structure is nonconforming. Committee will write owner with suggestions/requests on the roof, paint color, evergreen plantings, and ladder access. Committee also will refer the question of nonconformity to the board.

2109 Popkins, windows — Replacement of front and side windows with Anderson casement windows in same configuration as originals.

Action — Approved. In-kind work so neighbor notification not required.

7304 Rippon Road, custom shed — Second appearance. Committee had requested a plat, window and door adjustment, and neighbor notification. All were provided.

Action — Approved. Permit will be issued.

Other business:

Application deadline — In January the committee will begin to enforce the rule that applicants must be on the agenda and submit drawings a week before the DRC meeting.

Special Design Review Committee survey — Final survey has been sent to the board. It is currently being revised by a survey-writing specialist. It should be done in November. At that time, it will be sent out and put on line. People can respond either way with online line submissions preferred for ease in tabulation.

The next DRC meeting will be Dec. 6th at 7:30 pm.

Note: This is not an official report.  For the official minutes of the meeting please see the DRC section of the CAHH website: