December DRC Meeting Notes

These are Noelle McAfee’s unofficial notes of the December 6 Design Review Committee meeting. For official notes, see

7309 Stafford Road, renovation and addition of a nearly three-story structure, built into a slope, facing the park.
Conceptual approval granted.

7200 Rebecca Drive, renovation: deck and storage areas replacing existing, deteriorating deck. Conceptual approval granted. Committee members suggested making sure that the new siding would match existing siding and modifying plans so that the rafter tails would be squared off.

7403 Recard. Applicant seeking approval for a new storm door. Approved if storm door is full view.

2403 Daphne Lane, addition to a gable roof house of a butterfly roof addition of a family room, small closet, master bath, and basement. Architect-owner plans included use of ground face block masonry for fireplace mass. Committee asked applicant to consider using brick instead of masonry. Decision pending study of materials for fireplace mass.

7220 Beechwood Road, carport, shed, and handrail.
Owner sought advice for placement and design for carport. Committee recommended that owner survey existing Hollin Hills carports, take photos, choose and design plans, then return to DRC for approval.

Other Business: DRC soliciting applications to fill two spots coming open. Ray Goodrow will stay on as needed, perhaps a month or two.

Next meeting postponed one week due to holidays. Will meet Wed., January 10, at 7:30 p.m. in the Hollin Meadows school library.


Home Warranty Travails

by Noelle McAfee

Some of us have recently been disappointed by HMS home warranty company. Have you had any negative experiences with HMS or other home warranty companies that you’d like to share? Please share these with a comment below. 

Santa’s modern perils…


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Box Gutters Can Be Had

by Paige Conner Totaro

We recently replaced some old gutters on the rear of our house.  We had heard from many people – Hollin Hillers and gutter repair people  – that it was difficult to find someone to fabricate new box-shaped gutters.  After some searching, we found Jones Roofing, who fabricated new box gutters and installed them within a couple of weeks.    The new gutters are made of stainless steel so they are more expensive than standard aluminum gutters, but they are the shape and style we were looking for and we are happy with the result.  Jones Roofing Company – Alexandria, 703-751-8333.

New Directory Published

The Hollin Hills 2006-2007 Directory just arrived in the mail. Bravo to Barbara Helm and her team of other volunteers for a beautiful and welcome publication.