New Directory Published

The Hollin Hills 2006-2007 Directory just arrived in the mail. Bravo to Barbara Helm and her team of other volunteers for a beautiful and welcome publication.


3 Responses to “New Directory Published”

  1. Cindy Avrit Says:


    Thanks for all your hard work putting out the community directory. I did notice that our new daughter was not included with our listing. Could Natalie Avrit, born July 29, 2006 be added to the next directory?


    Cindy Avrit
    7314 Rippon Road

  2. Barbara Blandford Helm Says:

    Noelle, as a minor player, I feel I must add: J.G. Harrington (data base), Pam Koger Jesup (arranging the data), Barbara Shear (formatting the data), Karen Holmfeld (proofer), and Ginny Kinzer (proofer).

    Cindy, apologies for the exclusion of your daughter this year in the Directory. The correction will be noted in the next Bulletin, and she be in next year’s Directory.

    BTW: We could really use some new volunteers so anyone intersted, please let me know.


  3. Barbara Blandford Helm Says:

    Ginny Kinzler, Kinzler, Kinzler! My apologies, Ginny!


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