Box Gutters Can Be Had

by Paige Conner Totaro

We recently replaced some old gutters on the rear of our house.  We had heard from many people – Hollin Hillers and gutter repair people  – that it was difficult to find someone to fabricate new box-shaped gutters.  After some searching, we found Jones Roofing, who fabricated new box gutters and installed them within a couple of weeks.    The new gutters are made of stainless steel so they are more expensive than standard aluminum gutters, but they are the shape and style we were looking for and we are happy with the result.  Jones Roofing Company – Alexandria, 703-751-8333.


One Response to “Box Gutters Can Be Had”

  1. Cindy Avrit Says:

    We had Jones Roofing out a couple of weeks ago to give us a quote on new gutters. The recommendation was to wait to install new gutters until we are ready to replace the built-up roof as the gutters are integral with the roof. We received a quote to patch and paint the inside of our existing aluminum gutters to prevent further deterioration.

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