Home Warranty Travails

by Noelle McAfee

Some of us have recently been disappointed by HMS home warranty company. Have you had any negative experiences with HMS or other home warranty companies that you’d like to share? Please share these with a comment below. 


11 Responses to “Home Warranty Travails”

  1. LInda Hesh Says:

    I also had a problem with my homewarrenty company, but I think that all of them might be a problem. They really only want to fix problems in the most minimal way necessary. Even if that means something will be fixed for just day. And that is all that is legally required of them. So if you have a leaking roof, as we did, they pay for the smallest patch possible done by a company of their choice. If it leaks again, they do the same again. In the end we replaced our roof because every time it rained something else was ruined in the house and they don’t pay for that damage. We had the same problem with the heat pump. Even though the technician they sent said the equipment should be replaced, they refused, just wanting a tempoarary fix that might last until the warrenty ran out.

  2. Joe P Says:

    I have a HMS warranty — it has been the best investment i made!! Prompt Courteous Service and Excellent Service Professionals!!

  3. Paige Totaro Says:

    Our experience has been the same as Linda and Eric’s. It sounded like a good idea, but their coverage is really minimal.

    I wonder if Joe P is really a Hollin Hills resident or a spy from HMS? Joe P, could you give us some details of your experience with HMS?

  4. Joyce Ferrarelli Says:

    I’m not part of your community. But, I found your website because I am having a horrible experience with HMS. We bought a 1970 bilevel last November. The HVAC system is original to the home. Despite the age of the system, it was supposed to be covered by HMS. Our A/C failed earlier this month. HMS denied the claim because they said it was not properly maintained. The serviceman checked the box that states whether there is debris in the A/C or not. Not only that, they are denying my request for a 2nd opinion which is something another company does all of the time for them. So, not only are they denying a legitimate claim, they are not treating me as equally as their other customers. It’s probably because they know, given the age of the unit, they have to replace the entire A/C and they are doing anything to deter me from making them make good on the warranty.

  5. Eller Says:

    We had an AON warranty. Not as bad as the HMS stuff you describe, but a bit weak. I think you have to remember, though, that these companies are selling very limited coverage for a very small premium. For $500 a year, you can’t realistically expect these companies to fix every system in your house. They’re not going to give you $15,000 for a new roof, they’re going to patch your roof for $500. They’re not going to give you a new HVAC system, they’re going to give you the most inexpensive fix available. It’s not really reasonable to expect much more for the very low premiums you’re paying. Think of it this way — if you get into a car accident because the line of sight in your rear view mirror is off and your fender is damaged, is the insurance company going to have your fender fixed or give you a new car with a better rear view mirror?

  6. Noelle McAfee Says:

    I dumped HMS and went back to American Home Shield. The premiums are right under $500 and they really do honor their agreements. At our old house they replaced a very old water heater, the critical parts of an old A.C. system, and just today at my new house an exhaust fan. I’ve never had them exclude something because it too old or not maintained well.

  7. Joyce Ferrarelli Says:

    I understand they try to make the minimal repair possible. That is business. I would be happy if they make an attempt to fix the A/C. They aren’t willing to even go there with me. They say the A/C did not have proper maintenance. Yet they don’ t want to see the service records. They made a bogus reason why they are denying a legitimate claim. Why? Because I have a 37 year old A/C unit and they know it most likely needs to be replaced. But, that is the risk they took when they sold the sellers the warranty. That doesn’t give them the right to not honor legitimate claims.

  8. Eller Says:

    I certainly don’t know your specific situation, but I think if you expect a home warranty company to replace a 37 year old AC unit, you may be hoping against hope. If, however, they are contractually obligated to do it, I’m sure you can make them do so. I would be in touch with the Attorney General’s office, if that’s the case.

  9. Home Buyer Advocate Mike Says:

    I’ve been a Buyer Broker since 1996 and recently I’ve seen a bad trend of denying claims and poor customer service from a variety of home warranty companies. I recently posted a blog post to help consumers. http://www.homebuyersadvocate.wordpress.com

  10. Reid Dawn Says:

    Found out about this website, which has reviews of major home warranty providers.


  11. Kevin Says:

    As a former Hollin Hills resident I concur with the opinion that all home warranties will cover repairs only. If you have a major system failure they will delay, deny and negotiate a settlement at best.

    General Contactor

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