Notes on the February DRC Meeting

by Linda Hesh and Jere Gibber

1816 Drury Ln. — Closed Session

2312 Kimbro St. — Closed Session

1819 Drury Ln. — Closed Session

7200 Rebecca Dr. — The Committee gave final approval to the construction of a stairway and storage shed that will replace a deck. Approval of a new parking pad and retaining wall is on hold until an arborist can determine whether the construction will affect an existing tree.

The Committee interviewed three applicants for the position that will become open in May. The applicants were: Steve Polo, Eric Margry, and Karen Lang.

The Civic Association Board has asked the DRC not make a final selection for the open position until after the results of the SDRC survey have been reviewed and applicants apprised.


February DRC Mtg Closed

In case you were planning to attend the February 2007 meeting of the Hollin Hills Design Review Committee, please take note. We have just been informed that the DRC has decided to hold closed sessions with the first three applicants who, I have been told, requested closed sessions. I am not sure how this decision serves the larger intersts of the community. See below and note that the first three applicants have requested private sessions.

Agenda for February 7 Design Review Committee Meeting

7:30 1816 Drury Ln

8:00 2312 Kimbro St.

8:15 1819 Drury Ln.

8:30 7200 Rebecca Dr.

Interviews for open slots:
8:45 Steve Polo
9:00 Eric Margry
9:15 Karen Lang
9:30 John Burns

Other Issues:
Status review of previous projects
Next meeting date