Loving Hollin Hills


The other day a canvasser for the Sierra Club came by the house as I was unloading all kinds of kid gear from the car. He was polite and didn’t want to bother me while I was busy, but he did ask, “What do all these blue and white stickers on the car bumpers here mean? Will I get ticketed if I don’t have one?”

“No,” I said. “We’ll just know that you’re not quite as cool as everyone who lives here. This is a very special place.” I couldn’t even begin to explain it.

Look, I know this blog, as a kind of “watch dog,” has raised some hackles. But it has been in the service of something I dearly love: this neighborhood. And, no, not just the houses, but the community.

I love going on early morning walks in the spring and seeing what’s blooming. I love that I can call the friends I’ve met here in a pinch and they will pick up my kids at the bus stop. I love the Hollin Hills pool — and I liked the other one the one time I went. I like that we care so deeply about this place that we sometimes get very strong feelings about each other (compared to the last place I lived where no one seemed to care about anything beyond their 1.1 acre). I love these houses. I love these yards. I love the people who’ve been here for many decades and seem sprier than me. I love all the kids and the ways they inch up in years and still befriend the younger ones. I love the gutters and the ivy that can grow all the way to the road because there are so few sidewalks.

What do you love? Please add, repeat, whatever, but feel free to reply….


4 Responses to “Loving Hollin Hills”

  1. Barbara Blandford Helm Says:

    ….. the feeling of inclusion as you enter the neighborhood.

  2. Dave Shultz Says:

    thanks, Noelle, I’ll take you up on your offer…I love the sense of smug self-satisfaction I can share with my neighbors–it conveys with the house deed! I love the awareness of superiority that comes with owning a house in a development, and the effortless–in fact, purchased–superiority. I love the self-affirming cocktail hour wink-and-nod of the arriviste that says “that Sierra Club canvasser? Certainly not as cool as everyone who lives here.” Je ne sais quoi, indeed!

  3. Former Resident Says:

    I love the incredibly pretentious, pseudo-intellectual attitude displayed by the previous poster. The mistaken belief that the choice to live in a glass house somehow confers upon you some sort of exalted status.

  4. Allison Elder Says:

    I actually lament the lack of sidewalks. It would be great to be able to walk through (and admire!) old Hollin Hills without feeling like I’m taking my life in my hands.

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