Notes on April DRC Meeting

April 5, 2007

By David Armstrong

DRC members Andrew Cheng and Suzanne McLees were not present.

1816 Drury Lane, addition: Closed session.

1924 Martha’s Road, addition: Applicant expressed interest in adding a railing to the roof of proposed carport project. A neighbor expressed objections on privacy grounds to the roof being used as a deck. The Committee had not approved a railing. The Committee granted final approval to the project without a railing. Applicant reported that neighbor notification is complete.

7305 Rebecca, shed: Shed approved with glass or solid doors. Applicant discussed replacing windows in house. Committee indicated that window replacement will require DRC approval.

2410 Nemeth Court, addition: Applicant presented preliminary drawing for proposed addition. Committee suggested that applicant consider adding exterior trim piece to mimic existing design features. Conceptual approval granted.

2215 Martha’s Road, renovation: Applicant presented preliminary plans for renovation project including a combination of walls and fences around property, decks and patios in rear of house and replacement of narrow window in front of house with glass blocks.  The Committee will visit the property in the near future.

Other Business: The Committee reviewed previous and pending projects. The Chairman reported that the applicants at 7200 Rebecca Drive had informed him that they will not proceed with proposed retaining wall, although the rest of the project will go forward.

Candidate interview: The Committee interviewed John Burns, the final candidate for the upcoming opening on the DRC. The Committee indicated that it would be announcing its choice to fill the opening in near future.


One Response to “Notes on April DRC Meeting”

  1. Barbara Blandford Helm Says:

    “Committee indicated that window replacement will require DRC approval.”

    Is this in the case of replacing existing windows exactly with the exception of double paned or something else?

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