SDRC to Hold Town Hall Meetings

Civic Association of Hollin Hills
Special Design Review Committee (SDRC)
Survey Follow Up Town Hall Meeting
The SDRC is seeking additional community feedback on topics related to the design review guidelines, neighbor notification and the DRC meeting process unresolved by the recent community survey.

Wed., April 18, 2007
Thursday, April 26, 2007
7:30 p.m.
Hollin Meadows School Cafeteria


8 Responses to “SDRC to Hold Town Hall Meetings”

  1. richard ward Says:

    June 8, 2007

    Dear David and Nicolle,

    Who has appointed you as the conscious of Hollin Hills?
    If you are so interested in the preservation of the community then I suggest there are already several established committees and avenues to follow to involve and express your concerns in an acceptable manner. Your current blogs and ramblings are accomplishing nothing except to be derisive of the established community procedures.
    The reason I asked for and will continue to request closed DRC meetings whenever I have an issue to be discussed is to assure the non politicalization of the deliberations and to maintain the privacy of my lifestyle. You have no right to be present as an “observer” for you represent nothing but a voyeur’s curiousity. Secondly, I know my request for a closed meeting annoyes you. I suggest you MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!
    By the way, your feeble attempts to beautify your landscape is at best amateurish and in need of professional guidence but you don’t see me or any other Hollin Hills master garderner trying to prevent your efforts.
    Give us a break! Perhaps you should try being neighbors rather than self appointed guardians of a modernist tradition for which you actually have very little understanding.

  2. Noelle McAfee Says:

    In reply to Mr. Ward, I have to say that if I have ever been as unkind and hurtful to anyone as he just was to me, I sincerely apologize. I am truly pained at having my gardening called amateurish — not that there should be anything wrong with nonprofessionals doing their own gardening, certainly a long and honored practice in Hollin Hills, but because by the term “amateurish” he certainly meant to be hurtful. And the comment stung because I know that I am still a rather haphazard and imperfect gardener, but obsessed enough to keep trying.

    But that’s not why Mr. Ward really wrote. He seems to think that we are acting as a self-appointed conscience of the neighborhood. To that, I encourage everyone to act as a conscience for the neighborhood.

    Along with many others, many of whom have lived here for many decades, we are asking to have the process be more open. The process inolves the exterior of houses, which according to the covenants are indeed everyone’s business. As for going through established committees, Mr. Ward should note that his and my comment here are attached to a notice about an SDRC meeting, which the head of the SDRC requested that we put on this site. The SDRC process, which I truly respect, is designed to get the whole community thinking out loud about what kinds of design guidelines will guide us for the next decade or so. This is everyone’s business.

  3. Jim Klein Says:

    Wow – whether you agree with Noelle or not, whether you appreciate her efforts to have a public dialog or not, this kind of hatefulness (from Mr. Ward) is just way out of line.

    As a member of the SDRC I hope that everyone feels comfortable in expressing their opinions, and that people like Mr. Ward do not intimidate you and keep you from expressing your opinion.

    Jim Klein

  4. Stafford Road Says:

    Mr Ward is out of line, but Noelle, I think it’s the considered opinion of many around you that you’ve overstepped your bounds a little. You’ve lived here for 2 years, and are not yet part of the “time honored” Hollin Hills traditions of which you speak so highly. Remember, the original covenants of Hollin Hills have evolved over the last 50 years into something that’s a little different from their original construction. You simply haven’t lived here long enough to get that.

  5. Noelle McAfee Says:

    Note that the author of the previous post, a Mr. Mark Bittner, doesn’t live on Stafford Road but rather at 770 Sable Pointe Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004. Also I think it’s worth noting that covenants do not “evolve.”

  6. Stafford Road Says:

    Thank you for your condescending parsing of the meaning of covenants evolving. Surely you know that while the covenants themselves don’t evolve, the meaning of those covenants evolves over the years. It’s always so much more fun to criticize word choice than substance. And the fact remains, you have not lived in the neighborhood long enough to take such a hard and fast stand without irritating most of the people around you. You haven’t earned that right by spending years in the same place, building the community into something special. While it certainly is your right to do so, you must also recognize the rights of everyone around you to reject your efforts and ultimately reject you. You’re trying to change the structure of people around you who were perfectly content with the way things were before you moved in. (Yes, I did end that sentence with a preposition, something probably worth noting.)

  7. Noelle McAfee Says:

    I was referring to the substance of your comment. A covenant is a covenant and, barring case law to the contrary, its meaning now is the same as when it was written. That people’s views on the convenant may have changed doesn’t mean that legally the covenant itself has changed.

  8. Stafford Road Says:

    I must say, Hollin Hills seems a strange spot for such a strong constructionist. One imagines that your perspective on constitutional law is somewhat less strict Strike the word “evolve” and replace the thought with “the meaning of the covenant has been interpreted differently over the years, or has been so routinely ignored as to effectively not exist.”

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