Mies Society Tours Hollin Hills

If you saw a tour bus ambling through Hollin Hills yesterday you might have wondered what on earth was going on. In that bus were 24 members of the Chicago-based Mies van der Rohe Society in town for the weekend to visit the modern show at the Corcoran and see other modern sites in the D.C. area. Their guide was the architect Howard Decker, the former chief curator of the National Building Museum. My neighbor Ken Wilson put Howard in touch with me, and then Howard and I made plans for the Mies Society to visit the neighborhood starting with a visit to our house. It was still a bit of a shock when a tour bus pulled up in front and all these people poured out and walked up to the door. They were wonderful guests, asked lots of great questions, and seemed truly enamored. After a short visit at my house, I gave them a Hollin Hills map and some pointers, and off they went.


May DRC Meeting Notes

by Lee Ann Kinzer

2109 Paul Spring Road — Window replacement given
administrative approval.

7221 Beechwood Road — Alterations to approved addition plan: (a) The air conditioning units are substantially larger than the space originally
allowed, requiring a different placement. Applicants were given
approval to extend the screening fence located near their carport and
place units behind this screen; applicants and DRC members agreed
that this location is not ideal (for noise reasons, not design
problems) and all agreed also to continue a search for a better
solution. (b) Applicants were given approval to add an additional
panel of screening to the screen porch, rounding the corner of the

2403 Daphne Lane — DRC members agreed that plans were in agreement with the concept previously reviewed and gave approval for
construction. The applicant noted that the deck is slightly larger
and reported that neighbor notification had taken place Monday and
Tuesday of this week.

1805 Drury Lane and 1929 Martha’s Road — Both involve prefab sheds
already in place; neither homeowner had applied for DRC approval.
The committee will ask both owners to come before the committee.

Additional business: The next DRC meeting will be on June 6, followed
by August 1. July needs, if any, will be covered by special

John Burns has been named the new DRC member.