Hollin Hills is a mid-century modern community just south of Washington, DC, in the Mount Vernon district of Fairfax County. It was developed from the 1950s to the 1970s by the developer Robert Davenport. Most of the homes were designed by noted mid-century modern architect, Charles Goodman. Hollin Hills Talks is a blog created by members of the House in the Woods Club for the use of all residents of Hollin Hills. We can be reached at houseinthewoodsclub@gmail.com

For those not familiar with our group, The House in the Woods Club is a loose association open to all residents of Hollin Hills who are interested in maintaining the architecture, design, community and integrity of Hollin Hills—something that could surely be said of virtually all residents. We hope to provide a friendly setting to discuss ongoing and developing issues of Hollin Hills’ architecture, aesthetics, and community. Our aim is to hold regular open discussions that will provide an unofficial venue for public deliberation on issues facing the community and that these deliberations might generate imaginative and productive proposals for maintaining the character of Hollin Hills. The club itself takes no position on issues, though many of its members – like most residents of Hollin Hills – have their own opinions on things.


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