Media on Hollin Hills

“Back to the Future.”
An article on Hollin Hills architecture by architect and Hollin-Hills resident John Burns

“Heart of Glass: Charles Goodman’s modernist houses are prized period pieces.”
A Washington City Paper article on Hollin Hills from 2003.

“Hollin Hills, Coming of Age: A Mid-Century Housing Community Seeks Historic Status”
A 2005 Washington Post article on Hollin Hills application for historic designation.

“Polishing The Relics of A Recent Past: Often Derided, Modernist Design Can Be Remade to Last”
Washington Post article about Modern architecture in the DC area. Includes a reference to Hollin Hills.

“Great Places to Live 2004”
Washingtonian magazine’s list of Great Places to live includes Hollin Hills

“Hollin Hills”
Listen to a National Public Radio story on Hollin Hills from 2002. Pictures also available.


3 Responses to “Media on Hollin Hills”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Thanks so much for this site, we just enjoyed the great slideshow and a few of the links. During our 5 years living in Alexandria we have driven through Hollin Hills several times just for pleasure and inspiration. It is such a beautiful place. When we came here we didn’t even know the area enough to know it was there, we just happened across it (we don’t live there.) We are currently “retiring” and moving to Charleston SC, to settle in one place for longer than we ever have, and would love to find or build a modern/contemporary house there, if anyone can give us any leads, ideas, or pointers on that area, thank you very much!– Ellen

  2. Phil Says:

    Hi Ellen,
    I chanced upon your comments/review while scheming through this website on Hollin Hills. Its unfortunate that developers these days don’t have much of a vision anymore. If you’re still searching or looking for someone to design your modernist dream hse, I might be able to help you on that. Just email me. Otherwise I hope you’ve found something rather similar in Charleston and living it out. All the best.


  3. Ellen Says:

    Thanks, Phil! We finally bought a pretty brick colonial house in Charleston, not modern. Modern is nearly impossible to find. We still dream of building a very modern house sometime, though probably not in the immediate future, thanks for your email 🙂

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